Stefano Guidi, Accountant and Statutory Auditor of Accounts.

Dr. Guidi He received his bachelor's degree in Economics in 1992, with full marks and praise, and has passed the qualifying examination to the profession of chartered accountant in July 1993.

Since September of the same year is registered in the Register of Certified Public Accountants for the jurisdiction of the Court of Florence.

Since 1994 enrolled in the Technical Consultants for the constituency of the Florence Court and since September 1999 has been registered, also, in the Register of Legal Auditors.

It deals, in particular, assistance and advice in the field of taxation, the statutory audit, management of corporate crises and consulting firm.

He has held and still holds, positions as curator, judicial commissioner, judicial liquidator, judicial guardian of the judicial and technical consultant for the Court of Florence.

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Patent Box Update

Patent Box Update

Patent Box Update The Tax Agency, with provision 4823/2022 published on 15.02.2022, provided for the implementing provisions, the content of the documentation and methods of exercising the new patent



Contribution reliefs in the 2022 Budget Law

Contribution reliefs in the 2022 Budget Law

Contribution reliefs in the 2022 Budget Law        The recently approved Budget Law has extended and inserted provisions aimed at promoting employment in the country



New Sabatini Bonus

New Sabatini Bonus

Three-year extension for incentives for investments in tangible and intangible assets but with a progressive reduction in the amount of the tax credit   The 2022 Budget Law extends the tax credit




Codice del Terzo Settore, chiarimenti sul concetto di interesse sociale

Con riferimento Codice del Terzo Settore,



Perché anche i managers devono tornare a scuola, di sostenibilità

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