Giacinto Latorraca, Accountant.


Latorraca Giacinto, he graduated in Economics in 1995 at the Università degli Studi di Firenze, and after completing the three-year apprenticeship, has passed the qualifying examination to the profession of  accountant in November 2001.

In November of the same year is registered in the Register of Certified Public Accountants for the jurisdiction of the Court of Prato.

Since 1999 he is Partner of the firm, as part of the Tax Law is an expert in matters relating to Tax Litigation and Tax Planning for both small and large companies. Within the firm it has acquired a high professionalism in the field of Corporate and Commercial Law.

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Patent Box Update

Patent Box Update

Patent Box Update The Tax Agency, with provision 4823/2022 published on 15.02.2022, provided for the implementing provisions, the content of the documentation and methods of exercising the new patent



Contribution reliefs in the 2022 Budget Law

Contribution reliefs in the 2022 Budget Law

Contribution reliefs in the 2022 Budget Law        The recently approved Budget Law has extended and inserted provisions aimed at promoting employment in the country



New Sabatini Bonus

New Sabatini Bonus

Three-year extension for incentives for investments in tangible and intangible assets but with a progressive reduction in the amount of the tax credit   The 2022 Budget Law extends the tax credit




Revisori Enti Locali: lo schema del parere sulla proposta di bilancio di previsione 2023-2025

Il Consiglio nazionale dei dottori commercialisti



Saldo IMU 2022: le regole da applicare caso per caso

La normativa IMU riserva una casistica



Fondo nuove competenze: presentazione delle domande dal 13 dicembre

Dal 13 dicembre e fino al 28 febbraio 2023